Nancy Estes MA, MFT, CT

Licensed Marriage &
Family Therapist

MFT #43838

Certified Thanatologist
(Grief Counselor)


2117 Curtner Avenue
San Jose, CA 95124



     At different points in our lives we run into problems that seem too big or too persistant to handle alone. Many people choose to seek out therapy during times of stress and emotional pain, but it may also be when you want to grow and mature. The decision to see a therapist is a very personal decision. Often our pride and fear can get in our way of asking for help, so making the decision to find help is a sign of strength and courage.

Welcome! My name is Nancy Estes and I thank you for taking the time to visit my website I hope it will answer some of your questions and give you the encouragement to meet with me.

    Having taken this first step to seek help you may have some questions about therapy. Therapy is a collaborative process, so finding the right match - someone with whom you have a sense of rapport-is critical. Keep in mind that therapy is work and sometimes it can be painful, but it also can be rewarding and life changing.